Some people spend their whole year (possibly even lives) looking forward to  SNOWBOARDER Magazine's Superpark.  Each year hundreds of the worlds best snowboarders descend on to a chosen mountain to A. To ride the most Insane park build of the year. & B.  Ride with friends  from all over the world that they haven't seen all winter. At the call of Pat Bridges and the staff at SNOWBOARDER, this spring Sessions team rider Ethan Morgan was summoned to Crystal Mountain, Washington for SUPERPARK 22. 

Switching Lanes
The park being built by- Crystal Mountain, Dimond Peak, and Seven Springs. Ethan wasted no time putting his own stamp of style on the build, navigating with style and grace through the massive build. The feature that defined the week was the session that went down on the final day on the Seven Springs jump.

The air in here is rather stale. 
A handful of riders gathered mid-morning at the bottom of the jump awaiting the nod from Pat and a sled ride to the top. In a session heated by meat chucking double backflips and 900's, Ethan's approach was a breath of fresh air with a slow poked out frontside 3 stalefish. As the session winded down (same with the speed) the crowd cleared out and everyone went for some slush laps with friends on the final day.
Thank you, SNOWBOARDER, for putting on this event and your continuous support of snowboarding.
Words and photos: Hunter Murphy
Written by Dave Smith

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