Team rider Mike Liddle is a smooth operator. He has been making his mark in the snowboard world over the last few years with some heavy parts from the streets, like his parts in The Impaler Mag’s “Vol. 2” and “Saying,” the Arbor Snowboards movie “Costanostra,” and the film “Melodrama. I had the pleasure of catching up with Mike and asking him a few questions about what's going on in his world.

A few of Mikes highlights from The Impaler for a Stairmaster's contest.   

  Mike, How goes it?

Good, just hanging at home in Minnesota on this rainy summer day.

What have you been up to this summer? I’ve seen that you’ve been skating a bunch with the boys back home.
Yeah definitely have been skateboarding a lot this summer. My friends and I are working on a short skate video, so we’ve been doing a lot of filming and skating for that.

What is RAME?
Good question, nobody really knows. Its actually just a random word my friend made up and it escalated into the name of our skate video. We all snowboard at a more serious level, so it's nice to take a step back and just enjoy the process of working towards a trick, filming it well and having something to look back on.

Rame Promo vid

Crooked grind. Photo: Trevor Anthony
Sounds like a good time, I’m excited to see what comes of that! You were saying something about this crook photo, what's the deal?
The funny thing about that photo is that a 12-year-old did the same thing on the same rail and it was published in Transworld skate haha. Actually, I’m not sure if it was run in the mag or if they just posted that one their gram.
12 year olds these days...
You came out to Washington with Ethan this spring for Superpark at Crystal Mountain. How was it?
Superpark is always a good time. As a rail rider from MN, its usually one of the few chances of the season I have to ride a “real” mountain. So I really enjoy taking long slushy laps with all the homies.

What was it like getting to ride with Ethan, You guys haven’t spent too much time riding together in the past right?
I had just met Ethan on a Sessions trip to Quebec City about a month before Superpark. Ethan is fun to ride with because he is sooooo good but doesn’t take anything too seriously. Very entertaining on and off his snowboard that’s for sure.
 Mike Putting a hand out for Impaler filmer Ben McCabe. Photo: Hunter Murphy
The scene up there was pretty crazy, lots of homies rolling around. Was there any
people who you were really stoked to see?
I guess I was just hyped to see everybody. It's cool because you can you lap the chairlift and you're guaranteed to run into some friends, or meet new ones along the way.

Was there one zone or feature that you were digging the most?
My favorite feature was the Village channel gap, it was a pretty small jump, but it was sick because you have to air over a huge cutout with a rail down the middle. Everyone seemed to be having fun on that because it was one of the more friendly jumps there.
Mike "Channeling" His inner Jump Jock. Photo: Hunter Murphy
What was the craziest thing you saw go down?
The craziest thing I saw all week had to be this dude Robbie Knab. He was absolutely ripping on a snow-skate, hitting all the biggest jumps that many snowboarders wouldn’t step to. Unfortunately, he ended up getting airlifted off the mountain after taking a gnarly slam.
(Robbie Knab suffered a SEVERE spinal injury and is currently paralyzed, contribute to his go-fund me here.)

Any other plans for the summer? taking any trips?
I’m heading to Woodward Copper next week for the Arbor Snowboards session. Super hyped to get back on the snowboard and skate some fun Colorado parks. Besides that just work and finish up the skate vid we’ve been working on.

Did you film for any projects this winter?
I spent most of my winter at home in MN filming with different crews. I started the season out filming with The Impaler for their new video, then I joined my friend and fellow team rider Jesse Paul to get some clips for his new project coming out this fall. I ended the season with the Arbor team filming a short street edit from our 2 week trip to Quebec City.

How about this coming winter?
No plans yet for this winter. Just try to do the same as always, have fun on my board, find new spots and film tricks that I’m hyped on.
Anything else you wanna say?
Thank you to everyone at Sessions, hope to see you guys soon!
Thanks Mike!
Words: Hunter Murphy
Written by Dave Smith

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