Content is king, which makes the Sessions outerwear team royalty.  From the coveted screens of Snowboarder Magazine to podium positions world wide, our team is resetting the bar of pro snowboarding. For them and yourself it all started with strapping in a first time and a smile the size of your favorite down rail. When you wake up at 4a.m. for your next day trip or are staying in a VRBO the real excitement comes from the stoke of your friends. Follow these eight Instagram account and make the guys your friends because it's just snowboarding, and all of us love it! 

Jesse Paul - @jedipauls
Jesse's account is chalk full of progressive videos and first day fun. This account is the perfect dose of why we snowboard and what is possible on a snowboard.
sessions outerwear, jesse paul

Ryan Paul - @haryanpunch_
RP is a contest slayer and Zany Earth portrayer. With near daily posts of NBDs or shred antics worthy of the mad hatter, this account is everything that's right in snowboarding.
sessions outerwear, ryan paul

Scotty Vine - @scottyvine
Scotty is perhaps the most resident professional on social media period. With detailed hashtags, incredible editing, and tabloid ready captions look no further than Scotty Vine's video and photo collage for the most update shred news on Instagram.
sessions outerwear, scotty vine

Phil Hansen - @nutrash_hansen
Before snowboarding there was skateboarding. Although an obviously statement the ability to do both with style and equal ability is near inexistent, except on Phil Hansen's Instagram account. Burly PNW grinds on Thrasher Magazine's cover locations to pow on pow on pow in the Cascades. For the skateboarder who snowboards, or vice versa, follow Phil.
sessions outerwear, phil hansen

Nick Geisen - @nickgeisen
If you follow Sessions you've witnessed God's gift to North Tahoe POV - Nick Geisen. Nearly everyday he posts an X-GAMESesk slopestyle line from Squaw, Boreal or Northstar. If you are a park rider Nick is who you want to be. Learn tricks of the trade from the lens of Nick's GoPro. sessions outerwear, nick geisen

Rylander West - @rylander_west
You may have seen Ryland is ThinkThank's new film The Weather Outside Is Weather, but what you haven't seen is a curated gallery of the most stunning outside landscape in equal part to mind-boggling tricks, like this one. If you're a geek for the next-new-thing in snowboarding, follow Ryland and double tap that!sessions outerwear, ryland west

Nick Visconti - @nickvisconti
Nick Visconti stills gives 'er hell out there - in this image, frozen hell. You won't find a war path of new tricks, but you will find is meaningful life statements accompanied by the art of snowboarding. 
sessions outerwear, nick visconti

Joel Gomez - @joelgomez1212
Ever wonder how it used to be? Answers can all be found on Sessions' founder Joel Gomez's Instagram account. A menagerie of old school images from skateboarding and snowboarding's yesteryears, Joel's account also regularly releases never been seen action from the 80s. You can't teach an old dog new tricks, but you can learn new tricks from a legend. 

Sessions Outerwear, Joel Gomez

Written by Amy Gonzales

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