7 Ways to get Ride-Ready This Season

Cycling, running, fitness classes, aerobics dance workouts, and anything else under the sun that raises your heart’s BPM simply doesn’t cut it. There are few things, if any, that can really get you in shape to ride this winter. While most tips to get ready to rip focus on only one aspect of the snowboarding experience, I’ve found that teasing the mind, body and spirit are all MUSTS to the preseason excitement. After twenty years of snowboarding, a professional career and an obsession with all things health, I have found there is just nothing that fully entices the first day of riding except… riding!

All that to say, here are seven ways to get ready to ride that have never led me wrong [Words: Nick Visconti]

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1. Update Your Gear

Bring the ole winter wardrobe out of the closet and see what needs tuning, or replacing. It’s a safe bet there’s something in there in need of some TLC, but more than anything this will make winter all the more real — a great place to start in getting excited for the winter season.

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2. Bookmark Your Local Resort

I personally like to Bookmark the WEBCAMS page, and the SNOW REPORT page. Not living in the mountains, it’s hard to imagine what the conditions are actually like up in Tahoe. This eases the anxiety of the “did it snow?” and “I wonder what’s open?” questions. A quick check every morning or evening is a daily dose of stoke for the upcoming day-trip or weekend get-away. 

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3. Plan For Which Type of Riding You Want To Do

The main categories of snowboarding are free-riding and freestyle; this breaks down to groomers, parks, and powder. While the perfect day may be a cocktail of all three, often the conditions and your snowboard gear will gravitate towards one or two of the three. When you update your gear and plan your Northstar visit, consider which discipline you want to indulge in and how the time of season, snow conditions and your equipment enables you to do that!

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4. Go To A Local Snowboard Movie Premier

There is literally no excitement more high-octane than getting swept up in the marvel of snowboard cinematography. From exotic mountain ranges to top-notch riding, viewing a snowboard movie with a crowd of snowboarders is not unlike awaiting your favorite band at your favorite concert hall. With beer (or any beverage) in hand, who’s who in the crowd, and arousing snow-centered conversations galore, events like these are not to be missed in anticipation of your ride season.

5. Get In Snowboard Shape

This article would be incomplete without reference to a strong workout program. As stated above, readying the mind, body, and spirit are all musts to be fully outfitted for a terrific season. There are many drills, exercises or group classes you can take. If you live in the high country many local gyms provide classes geared for winter activities, and if not, I recommend: dumbbells for core strength and balance, Olympic squats for lower body power, and a hardcore cardio routine to expand the lungs and able them for 8400’! As a footnote, don’t be afraid of yoga for flexibility and to prevent injury.

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6. Convince Your Friends To Purchase Season Passes 

The only way to make riding better than it already is? Do it with someone else. Having a friend to progress, après-ski, and later spin tall tales with is mandatory for the season of a lifetime — and in keeping you accountable to logging as many vertical feet as possible!

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7. Take At Least One Day Trip During Early Season

We’ve addressed all you can do to prepare for the season, except starting the season. They say the hardest thing to do is begin, but not with snowboarding. Get a day trip in as soon as possible, as it will provide the momentum you’ll need to not stop until the snow does!

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Written by Amy Gonzales

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