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Here's what I've got to say: It was my first Holy Bowly and I had been looking forward to it all winter. I arrived in Mammoth the night before and went to skate the Volcom skatepark where a fellow skater told me that Holy Bowly had a cradle feature just like the one in the skatepark, only this one built out of snow - #MindBlown. I could hardly believe that a snow cradle was going to be part of the park. Krush and the boys at Snowboy Productions and the Mammoth Mountain Unbound terrain park crew really pulled out all the stops for this one! 

P: E-Stone @snowboardermag

I get up first day, coffee, looking at the huge snow bowl and I'm just like dang this thing is sick! Bowl corners all over the place, a QP channel gap, toilet bowls to spin around in, and of course there at the bottom was a massive snow cradle. First few hits of the park were like trying to find that perfect line through the pool. After you found it and got in rhythm though it was on. Everything flowed so perfectly together. A day was filled with non-stop carnage of high speed slashes, gaps, bowl carves and tranny finders, plus of course good times with all of my friends! 

P: E-Stone @snowboardermag

To sum up the week I spent at the Holy Bowly it's an absolute blur of radness. Somewhere between tunnel vision'd snake lines and mindless hot spring sessions my brain soaked its way into a portal of radness never to return again! Stoked! - Ryan Paul

P: E-Stone @snowboardermag


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Written by Amy Gonzales

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