Sessions Outerwear, Joel Gomez, Transworld Snowboarding

Sessions Outerwear is snowboarding, skateboarding and rock & roll – Always Have Always Will. Instead of going into the design process, sales season and Parts & Labor trade show just telling you who we are, Transworld Snowboarding decided to show you! Check out the breakdown of the our new 2017 line unveiled by founder Joel Gomez and industry veteran Eddie Wall

Sessions Outerwear is not just a leader is style, trend, and performance, we also choose to be innovators. Next year we are dropping the External Access Media Pocket eliminating the need to unzip and dig through your jacket for your device. Fitted for iPhone+ and all sizes below, the exterior of this pocket is insulated to keep your technology warm and dry while your music stays loud. Team tested, this feature is team approved!

Sessions Outerwear, External Access Media Pocket, Transworld Snowboarding

Sessions x Metallica colab. Horns up, this jacket IS rock & roll. Watch the video above. 

 Sessions Outerwear, Metallica, Transworld Snowboarding

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Written by Amy Gonzales

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