Idaho literally means Gem Of The Mountains. True as that is with leagues of explorable terrain, never-filmed-before snowboard lines and a snow consistency somewhere in-between Utah's champagne and California's Sierra Cement, Idaho is a wonder for all things winter. Shadowed by it's neighboring states, true, Idaho is one of the last authentic snowboard havens touched less by commercialism and Vail imperialism. Right in the heartbeat of this scene is the Boardroom Boise - a snowboard and skate shop for snowboarders and skaters. Read the following interview and taste the frontier...

Boise is popping up on America’s fastest growing hip city? What’s up with Boise?

Boises awesome, we love it here - lots always going on. Our local hill is only 18 miles from the shop. We have three brand new Grindline skateparks along with a couple man made surf waves. Boise is the spot for sure.

Is the freestyle scene more alive in Idaho or the pow scene?

Its a pretty even mix, however our pow seen has been a long well kept secret amongst locals.

McCall - one of the most coveted and equally underrated sled neck towns in the US - what’s the secret?

Wouldn't be a secret if we told you.

Ok, geography covered. The Boardroom is one of the last standing brick-and-mortar core shops - what keeps the brick and mortar dream alive?

Treating people like people. Going above and beyond for all our customers. Customer service and experience is everything. We work in a toy store!

What do customers get at the Boardroom that they can’t online?

Customer service, extended warranties, free tune cards, limited specialty brands and products [just to name a few]. Our pro staff has extensive experience using the products we carry and are well versed in educating our customers.

How are the snow bunnies and shred betties in Idaho? Hot bodies on cold nights?

They asked about you.

Has The Boardroom always been a Sessions dealer?

Yes we have always been a Sessions dealer. We were sad to see it go and we are stoked to have it back!

It seems like snowboarding has lost some of it’s rock & roll in the last decade - do you agree?

Fuck no! Party like tomorrow's the end of the world!

Besides the Olympics [sarcasm], what does snowboarding really need?

We need more participation in our sport.

If you could fix one thing about the snowboarding industry what would it be?

The over production of product.

***October winner will be selected on Instagram Nov. 1
Written by Amy Gonzales

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