Note from editor (Nick Visconti):

RP came out this season as a rockstar. If ever he debuted and set the stage for the headliner before, he now is the headliner...

Trollhaugen Human on Board Ep 5, Vol 2 | Raise from TROLLHAUGEN on Vimeo.

When the season started I linked up with Nick Visconti to go ride Trollhaugen and we talked about me riding for Sessions. Of course I was down and a couple weeks later it became a reality! Preseason was full of fun days lapping the tow ropes and learning new tricks. We got some snow in early December and I started shooting with fellow Sessions MFG Pro Jesse Paul, Filmer Dawn Byrd, Photographer Stephan Jende and local board extraordinaire Lenny Bernklau. We did some pretty cool stuff early on and even though we all planned on having our footage in different projects later, it was a really cool crew and great times shooting and riding together at that time.  

I flew to Tahoe for the Sessions Relaunch party and it was a blast! Skating Sacramento and catching air out of a good pipe again at Northstar were two of the highlights. Probably the best was Pow boarding at Boreal in a blizzard and slashing some pillows above Donner Lake with friends! 

Towards the end of December, we announced Sessions Outerwear and Think Thank, from then on it was filmer Sean Lucey and our crew, we started to Stack Footy for the new movie The Weather Outside Is Weather - about to be sick AF! At the time I had a crazy heel bruise and had to change up my riding to include exclusively low impact features while I recovered. That was actually really cool because it made me try different stuff and I got some pretty sweet shots out of the deal [laughs]. 

Some of the Contest Highlights for me were the ParkFab contest in Vegas and The Quallies rail jam at Seven Springs in PA. Then a bunch of spring madness took over my schedule, Howly Bowly, Superpark, and continuing to film. Did you check out any of those edits? 

Snowboy Productions' Holy Bowly 2016 at Mammoth Mountain: Days 1 and 2 Video from Snowboarder Magazine on Vimeo.
From here on out, Mt Hood at the Sessions House. It's gonna be a sick summer. Follow Sessions at @sessionsmfg and myself at @haryanpunch_.
Written by Amy Gonzales

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