Download NOW: Think Thank's "The Weather Outside Is Weather"

From this photo it literally looks like Ryan Paul bumped his way onto the cover of Think Thank's "The Weather Outside Is Weather. Hell yeah RP! Although, what's more impressive is what is inside the cover-jacket. One may call it a tornado of snowboard wizardry, or a hurricane of never-been-done tricks, or simple poetic justice to an El Nino winter. We'll just call it mental.

With three Sessions Outerwear riders in the film - Phil Hansen, Ryan Paul and Ryland West - we couldn't be more stoked to be affiliated. Think Thank has been producing snowboarding titles for over a decade, whilst finding the now infamous talents of Jesse Burtner, Scott Stevens, Johnny Miller, Nick Visconti, Ted Borland and many others. This film is sure to highlight some newly uncovered snowboarders/skateboarders all the same, one of which for sure is Sessions MFG's Phil Hansen. We've heard rumors of openers and enders, but whether or not he opened or closed the movie's curtains his part is sure to be fucked up. Seriously. 

Think Thank's "The Weather Outside is Weather" Teaser from Think Thank on Vimeo.

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