Highway Men: Ryan Paul's Pre-season Tailgating

It seemed like the season was never going to come. My summer had been filled with surfing and skating...I was actually getting more stoked on skating than ever when the snow started to hit in the US. I live in Minnesota and while all my friends were sliding sideways on the snow at their home mountain I was still rolling around at the local skate park. But, it finally happened...

P: @stephanjendephoto
...temps dropped and the snow guns started blasting! Trollhaugen opened up two runs and the next day a full terrain park! It went from summer to winter overnight. Since then I have been BS Tailgaiting at ALL the local tow ropes including Afton Alps and Buckhill.
P: @dawnbyrd
The camaraderie is what stokes me out the most. We all get that cool feeling from carving, sliding, and bombing that transfers into our souls and reflects out to the people around us. It's impossible to ignore! I love snowboarding because of those moments getting caught in the moment, where nothing else really matters, ya know? Everyone always talks about the season, or the rest of the season, like it's in the future - to me the season is today. Snowboarding is amazing, today. - RP
Last Season RP filmed for ThinkThank's Methods of Prediction. Check out this snippet from his part, and stay on his Tail at @ryanpaul___ as he films for the Think Thanks' new flick - TBA.


Posted by Sessions MFG on Monday, December 7, 2015