Highway Men: Jesse Paul wins Rock A Rail Jam

 P: Michiel Rotgans (@rotgans_photo)

My time in The Netherlands was more than special. The journey was short, but filled with enough unforgettable experiences, cappuccinos, and heineken that it felt like a month. I stayed in a hostel only a couple of blocks from where the contest was held, which was located in a classic picturesque European city square. The square was filled with bars, restaurants, and cute narrow streets that let to more bars and restaurants. The tram was right outside of the hostel and it was incredibly easy to use. Public transportation there is on point! Anyways, riding inside was so fun! It was a lot like riding in the midwest. Weird snow, hot laps, small parks, and homies. When I was riding I often forgot I was half way across the world.

P: Michiel Rotgans (@rotgans_photo)
The contest itself was unreal. It was arguably the best street contest setup I had ever ridden! There were so many transfer options with just the right balance of consequence and trickability. Rail jams rarely have these two elements in such perfect balance. During the contest, everyone was shredding so hard...it really got me pumped up. The whole energy of the contest was incredible. The crowd was going crazy, the announcer was screaming the whole time, and it was pouring rain. Winning the contest on top of all that was pretty emotional. It felt good to represent the US and Minnesota. I will never forget my time there or the friends I made. - JP

Rock A Rail 2015 - Official Recap from Postland Theory on Vimeo.