Wonderbox: A GoPro Movie about Mt. Hood by Nick Geisen and Tim Humphreys

Thank God for snowboarding. For most of us the daily 'grind' is eat, work, drink, sleep, with our favorite music playing anthem to get us through the day. But out of the melancholy sometimes comes wonder, for Sessions Outerwear it takes the fashion of snowboarding and skateboarding; for GoPro, it takes the form of a little black box that records the journey along the way; what is it for you? A POV camera may be as close as we can get into the brains of pro snowboarders, and today we see what life looks like from Sessions MFG's Nick Geisen and Flow Snowboarding's Tim Humphreys. Shot on location on Mt. Hood, Oregon at Windells and High Cascade, this video is an exit from the mundane and an entrance into the reason all of us say, "Thank God for snowboarding."