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SnowboarderMag Dispatch: Warp Wave's Aurora Boardealis by Nick Visconti

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Aurora Boardealis medicated more than a dose of preseason hype, it provided an answer for why we all began and continue to snowboard.

[Nick Visconti] I was watching Hot Dog the movie the other night, credited as a 1984 production, and was stunned that the tradition of riding all day and partying all night had been in full swing three years before I was born. Fast forward to last night’s world premier of Warp Wave’s newest title, I time traveled thirty years to the year 2036 wondering what that generation of snowboarder would reminisce on while viewing what is sure to be the next Tahoe cult classic, Aurora Boardealis. Opened by Nick Russel’s fully Super 8 snowboard documentary Free, the titles together rivaled urban iterations of art and snowboard filmmaking such as KidsKnow’s Burning Bridges and the like. With riding from Eric Messier, Gray Thompson, Tucker Andrews, Nick Russel, Taylor Carlton, Felix Mobarg, Curtis Woodman, Johnny Brady and cameos from others, the thirty-plus minute reel captured in humor and action, the spirit of Tahoe snowboarding. From Butte lines to frozen river jibbing, the crowd during two showings was surely more than impressed. They were inspired. The evening, damp with the drizzle of a premature winter storm, provided that otherworldly feel that Aurora Boardealis transports the viewer to. Truth be told, I’ve seen a lot of snowboard movies, even debuted in more than a handful myself; Free and Aurora Boardealis medicated more than a dose of preseason hype, they provided an answer for why we all began and continue to snowboard. Bravo.

aurora boardealis

gray thompson and nick russel

warp wave premier

warp wave aurora boardealis

modern times beer

nick russel's free

brad farmer and robbie sell

johnny brady

caitlin khoury and friends

brooke summers and kyle shwartz

curtis woodman at Tahoe Art Haus

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