Sessions Outerwear Hits 10,000 Followers

10,000 followers! If you are one of them this is for you...
Thank you. We Joel Gomez and I, Nick Visconti, relaunched Sessions MFG early last December. The first 6-months have been maxed with support and nothing but love. Through parties, trade shows, marketing efforts, our media partners and our team we have come back alive and well, hella well. There is nothing though that means more and has been more vital for our efforts than yourself. So thank you; our vision for an authentic snowboard outerwear manufacture inspired by skateboarding, snowboarding and rock & roll is only worth it if we keep marching to the anthem…your anthem, our anthem, Sessions anthem. 
But a brand identity is only as good it’s products, so be sure to go into your local retailers and find our first season release of Sessions Outerwear. If they aren’t carrying us, let ‘em know what’s up and go directly to We will be relaunching our website in early September with the new threads and a vendor list that you can purchase from. Until then stay posted on our Facebook, Instagram and website for current content from our bad ass team: Jesse Paul, Scotty Vine, Ryan Paul, Nick Geisen, Ryland West, Phil Hanssen.
In finale, you’ve all allowed us the opportunity to keep snowboard history alive and we are committed to doing everything we can to keep you dry. If you are ever in Tahoe,  hit myself and Joel up for a shred at Squaw, and until then keep ripping life!