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Sessions Dealer Highlight: Ground Zero Boardshop

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"So one time...years back...this actor Jeff Bridges, who has been in a ton of cool shit, walks into our shop out of nowhere and specifically asks for Sessions t-shirts."


What are you ground zero for?

Tasty waves and a cool buzz.  Also for not taking ourselves too seriously.

Sacramento has a flourishing skate scene, do you find yourselves conflicted to do skate & snow or do the cultures still run pretty seamless in NorCal?

We've been in skate and snow for almost 20 years, so it's natural to us. Most of the two cultures respect each other or participate in both. There are always going to be kids who hate on shops for being into both, but that's the same insecure kid who's afraid to talk to girls. We'll always support the two to the fullest. We had 10 separate skate events this year and now is time for putting on the stoke for snow.

Tahoe: North Lake or South Lake? Why?

First and foremost, Sierra-at-Tahoe in South Lake has given us tremendous event support for more than the past decade. North Lake has some great hills, but Sierra has been holding it down with snowboarder support.

It’s 2016, snow porn galore, but that hasn’t stopped Ground Zero from throwing NorCal’s biggest, baddest film premier for years now. What’s the recipe for getting people off youtube and at your event?

Thanks for the love on that. Good vibes and high fives is what we bring to the events.  Snowboarding is about getting out and being a part of the action. Can't do that from the couch. Plus, our sponsors give out free goods and we stack the ladies deep. [check out this years Sac snowboard block party here]

You guys have transitioned well keeping brick-and-mortar alive, and doing ECOMM. What’s the difference in the experiences?

The interwebs are a useful tool for slinging goods. It's more work than many might think and not that fun. You got to get to the shop to feel the stoke because robots sound cool and all, but ordering from one doesn't translate to good times. Besides, dealer regulations prevent shops from giving a better deal for in season product online. You come in the shop, you're more likely to get hooked up. 

California might be the only legitimate place you can surf, skate and snowboard in one day? Ever done it? What do you recommend? 

If surfing the web counts, then, yes.  Sac's claim to fame is we're an hour and half from Tahoe and the ocean. Only one is to the west and the other is to the east, so getting in the water and hitting the hill same day is less likely from here unless you cut your sesh short. If you're going to have serious "sessions" for each, head out to Rockaway Beach in Pacifica at the break-a-dawn to catch a few good ones then head up I-80, maybe hit up a few skateparks and stop at our Roseville shop, then get into Woodward in Northlake to skate. You'll be right outside of Boreal where you can do some night shredding. GoPro your whole adventure, put it on YouTube, and ask every shop to sponsor you for one or all three. Can't lose. 

Best coffee in Sac before heading up the hill? Best beer in Sac after you head down the hill?

There's definitely a shit ton of coffee shops and craft breweries in Sac. I recently heard that Sacramento ranks fourth in the US for cities with the most hipsters. You ask a dozen guys with beards and non-prescription glasses that question and you'll get a dozen different answers. For me, there's a Shell gas station by our Roseville shop that's just off of I-80. It's easy to park and ride with the homies from there. On the way up, hit up Shell for dark coffee, light beer when you get back and you'll be feeling fine. [editor's note: fan-fucking-tastic response]

Since 1983 Sessions has been snowboarding, skateboarding and rock & roll from Northern California - what’s the legend of Sessions brand in your opinion? 

Never putting hype over quality and innovation. A lot of brands have come and gone that did just the opposite. So one time...years back...this actor Jeff Bridges, who has been in a ton of cool shit, walks into our shop out of nowhere and specifically asks for Sessions t-shirts. It was busy and the shop was packed and some people were starting to freak out. But the man got what he wanted with a quickness and bounced. So, you have that dude's stamp of approval. The dude abides!

What piece are you most psyched on in the new line?

Always love the softshell fleece. It seem to me that Sessions was the originator. If not, they're the ones who put it on the map and now errrbody got at least one in their line. Man, always somebody gotta bite on ur style.

I wasn’t gonna ask it, but fuck it - trade shows! Down for Denver? Miss Vegas? Going to Parts & Labor this year?

Denver has that near beer and will never be Vegas. What good times those were! We go to the local WWSRA show and get some biz done. It's been in Reno for a few years at a large resort, only it's in January mid-week, so we're about the only group in the hotel. It's kind of like being in the hotel from The Shining. Pretty much the whole show gets together afterwords and we rage old school. IDK, I think we'll go streaking this year.

Who’s hot in Sac right now? Anyone to be on the look out for? Who's hot?

Dunno, we're not on Tinder.  But if the shop was, people be swiping right aaaaaaall day long.

For more on Ground Zero in Sacramento, CA find them here.

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