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Sessions Dealer Highlight: Boardroom Vancouver, B.C.

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"Try not to spook them. Open doors, look them in the eyes and try to be classy."  - Boardroom Shop on Canadian Women. Learn more tips of the trade and B.C.'s snowboard scene below...

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Vancouver B.C. - how far is the drive and where do you ride?

The drive? Your call; we have world class night-rideable pow on 3 mountains, all are 30 minutes or less from the city. Broke? You can take a city bus to access…that’s good. You can be at Whistler or Mt. Baker in 2 hours. Got time? Dry interior pow is 4-8 hours away - the drive is worth it for one run on the best days.

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Is the freestyle scene more alive in Western CAN or the pow scene? 

We blend the two. Pow night hit run laps on one of the locals is the best time you will have on a board. Street is kinda not a discussion in Vancouver, B.C.

Best coffee on the way out of Vancouver, best beer on the way back in?

Coffee: JJ Bean in town/Galileo’s in Britannia on the way to Whistler. Beer: The craft brewery scene has exploded in Vancouver...type “Beer” into google maps and you will find a bunch of options. Main St. or Commercial drive has got the goods.

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Ok, geography covered. The Boardroom is one of the last standing brick-and-mortar core snowboard shops in North America - what keeps the brick and mortar dream alive?

People keep coming in to talk with snowboarders about snowboarding. We can also sell you something online, but it’s about half as much fun.

What do customers get at the Boardroom that they can’t online?

A genuine no bullshit interaction with snowboarders. And insider knowledge that you won’t get on any online forum.

Canadian women! What’s the secret to unlocking the hot bodies on cold nights?  

Try not to spook them. Open doors, look them in the eyes and try to be classy. 

Has The Boardroom always been a Sessions dealer? Why did you bring Sessions back in after the relaunch?

Forever. We brought it back ‘cause we like brands with history and cred in snowboarding. We used to sell sooo much Sessions. It was hard to forgive the ski phase, but we all need second chances and friends give friends second chances.

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It seems like snowboarding has lost some of it’s rock and roll in the last decade - do you agree? 

NOPE, reference the Wildcats/Manboys movie premiere, 815 people was the door count, and it was a sweaty mess of a party with the best vibe. I saw a shirtless guy smashing beer bottles on his head like it was 1997. I love that guy.

Besides the Olympics [sarcasm], what does snowboarding really need?

It’s doing good. I’d like to get everyone who ‘used to snowboard’ on some new tech, boards have been generally easier to ride for about 10 years, and they’ll get even more fun and easier to ride. The difficulty is that “easy to ride” isn’t all that badass as a marketing message, so people all jumped onto skis (kids…olders bros, etc.)  We kinda forgot to inform people; I guess we were busy hitting handrails.

If you could fix one thing about the snowboarding industry what would it be?

We should quit calling it an industry. It’s a scene. What’s cooler? The Music Industry?... or your music scene? But seriously brands selling direct and at a discount.

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