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Internal Dialogue- Ryan Paul

Internal Dialogue- Ryan Paul
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Welcome to Internal Dialogue.  We want to try something different and give our riders a platform to talk... to themselves? Yes, But we also wanted to give them a space to talk about the things they are thinking about, events happening in their life and snowboarding. We are starting this series off with Ryan Paul, Ryan doesn't need much of an intro, he's a creative human on and off a snowboard and always has something up his sleeve. We reached out to him with this idea and this is what he came back with, here is the "Internal Dialogue" of Ryan Paul...
Hunter! Alright so per your request we are doing something a little different and I am asking myself questions today.. actually pretty happy about this- because I talk to myself, kind of a lot. haha. So now all the lingo has a place to go.
Where am I from?
Glad I asked! I am from the great little township of Cottage Grove, Minnesota. It's a Suburban area of the Greater Twin Cities Metro- A place where in my opinion the best "street" style snowboarding occurs. 
Why is that you ask?
This is another question I actually would love to provide an elaborate answer for: This area consists of two cites- Minneapolis and Saint Paul. The area as a whole has a good variety of terrain and hills; which make for tons of good "street style" snowboarding spots (handrails, stair sets, wall rides, ledges, benches, runways, etc.)... This place also has like 8 or more Tow-Rope parks that receive the majority of their play during the dark winter hours of 4-10pm... not many "out-west" resorts have night riding, much less 8+ tow-rope terrain parks where you can get hundreds (maybe even thousands) of laps in day or night, 7 days a week. 
so that makes me pretty happy, as you can tell :)
 (Trollhaugen Rope Ride shot by Stephen Jende)
What have I been up to this summer?
Its already been a lengthy off-season. My last day on a board this year was April in Quebec, trying to flip onto a ledge up there. I got hurt and it took about a month and a half to recover. Looking back I think the injury was a good thing because it forced me to stay still and follow thru on a project I had been working on all winter- World Record Jump.
I helped facilitate the video editing process and make sure that we got all the deliverable "assets" finished to give to sponsors after the drop. My friend Bryden Bowley killed it, filming 99% of the movie and editing its entirety plus any content that has already hit the web and everything that will be released after the movie hits YouTube this Fall/Winter. Very Stoked on everything that went down with World Record Jump; getting to spend the winter with Bryden and the people who will be riding in the movie! It was an awesome time and the movie is freaking amazing! I can't wait for you to see it!  
for more about WRJ and some visual entertainment- 
 After healing up I have been skateboarding, moving and shaking, and working on another new Project! My girlfriend Kasey and I are starting a new online store for our brands plus other unique products. The Zany Store will be selling all new stuff from Zany Earth, Killer Whales Are Cool, Nomads, Hav Fun, and more! During winter we will probably even have some Sessions product in-store too! We will be launching for back to school, the site might even be live while you're reading this- check it out- 
What's my next move?
Keep my lips sealed, haha. Or try to, at least. I have a few ideas but I'd rather come out of nowhere with these next ones. I'm too often letting ideas out early and they get away from me. Thats what I am realizing at least. In this world of recycled observations, everything is inspired by something and there really is nothing new under the sun. I'd like to cultivate a healthy respect for the creative process and an attitude that's okay with keeping something special under wraps until that thing's time has arrived. So I guess that is what is next for me. You'll see. 

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