Highway Men: Scotty Vine - A road warrior

From my local stomping grounds at Bear Mountain to glorious glacier fields north up north in Canada the last month and a half has been fast-paced with great snow conditions. Early January was spent with an Arbor Snowboards team trip to Wyoming filming for the two year Arbor team video. We started out in Wyoming around Togwotee Pass. It was amazing to be back around Jackson Hole for the first time in a couple years. However, landings were unstable and sliding which exposed rocks and grass. After spending a few days trying to make the conditions work we decided to drop everything, pack up and head to Truckee, CA. 

P: Sean Black

It was refreshing to see a real winter in Truckee! I lived there last winter and it was nothing like the conditions compared to this year’s snow accumulation. Backcountry snow was deep and we stacked shots quickly. Moral was high and we were very productive between hanging out with friends and having a good time. Mid way through the Arbor vacay, the Sessions team trip began: The Sessions party and Viva Sessions movie premier at the Soul House!!! After I promptly had to leave for a surprise trip with Snowboarder Mag to Alberta, Canada.

Upon landing in Calgary to meet with the Snowboarder Mag we immediately drove Banff, where we rode at Mt. Norway, Sunshine Village and Lake Louise. We drove passed foggy glacier fields to Jasper, where we were based while riding at Marmot Basin. I made sure to get a planking photo along the way and hopped a fence to get a rad photo in Maligne Canyon. It was a busy schedule and one of the best trips of my life. Ten years ago I attended my first Superpark event at Lake Louise Resort and never had the chance to see the lake. This trip we got to see the lake in all it’s elegance as clouds rolled over the surrounding mountain range. That was the highlight of my time spent in the land of Canada between satisfying my molson muscle and pretending I was Canadian for a week and a half. 

P: Jared Meyer

Once back to Reno I drove strait to Bear Mountain to have fun at home in the perfect sunny California weather. After a few days cruising the park with friends I made my way to Denver, CO for the SIA trade show. The amount of coffee consumed over the six days of that trip shouldn’t be humanly possible… Regardless of how much coffee was consumed the trade show always takes a lot of energy out of me.  There was a rad canyon along the way back to CA that seemed like a necessary spot to take a nap and recharge my battery before a weekend trip to Wisconsin with 3DR to film in a junkyard.


It’s been a busy winter schedule so far with lots of friends and great times out on the highways blasting music and dodging elk. Constantly strapping in during the midst chaotic travels somehow creates a peaceful serenity for me these days. Recent travels have sparked motivation for the fast paced, sporadic season ahead and I have no idea where I’m going next - I don’t even know what I’m eating for dinner tonight. 

Be well. - Scotty