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Snowboarder Magazine Dispatch: Sessions Relaunch Party

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All Photos: Paul Heran
The crowd was electrocuted by the amps maxing out and the unseen sensation of something more shocking than Tahoe’s first winter back from the drought. Over the past month, Sessions’ relaunch has been brazing tabloids of local zines and the headlines of major media newsfeeds. The impact of recent press releases has been a web blitz, but the true DIY vibe of Sessions hadn’t quite been felt until last weekend.
Sessions premiered 1999’s Viva Sessions in full at North Tahoe’s newest venue The SoulHouse Project. With parts from veterans Jamie Lynn, Mike Ranquet and the likes, this turn of the century film held the crowd’s gaze and after in the spirit rock and roll, the credits were curtailed by the psychedelic sounds of Easy Giant. Attended by many, emotions evoked in all, Sessions relaunch party was a bar none night.
This party could have easily been misled by promotions, advertising and overt brand broadcasting, but it honestly wasn’t a guerrilla sales pitch. It was more like a party to simply say, “Thank you” to the honorariums whom were the guests that always have and always will love snowboarding. When you venture into any old world Bavarian tavern, or beaujeaux Vail village you can see winter sports antiques from skis to toboggans littered everywhere. Snowboarding is just aged enough to look back and respect it’s history. Since ’83, Sessions has been very a part of that history. And nights like last Sunday make me believe, without doubt, it will be very apart of snowboarding’s future, too. - Nick Visconti
Warp Wave's Eric Messier and The SoulHouse Project's John Chapman.
In order of most faded: Sean Black and Max Tokunaga.
The banner in back is the original Sessions Skateboard Shop banner from '83.
Easy Giant's quiver.
"Viva Sessions" proving just as intoxicating as the alcohol, and Robbie Sell.
 Brandon Cocard and his stunt double.
Psychedelic surf rock on psychedelics: Easy Giant.

A classic Tahoe afterparty at a classic Truckee bar.

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