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Highway Men: Tahoe is back and Nick Geisen came with

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Next stop: Hokkaido Niseko, Japan. 
First stop: The Sierras

Adrenaline tingles at the back of my neck. I hold my breath for the next weightless cliff drop. Suddenly, I realize I am beyond wide awake.

Let me go back and clarify that I am NOT a morning person...but it's moments like these that certainly change all that: glistening blasts of pow whizzing past my ears, towering pines bending over backwards in my peripheral, and a mouthful of snow. Breakfast? ✔️. After just one slash of pow hitting my goggles, all the stress, worries, and doubts up to this point instantly disappear. This is the Tahoe that I remember! 

The winter adventures have just begun...keep following my 2016 photo journaling on Instagram @nickgeisen - Nick G.

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