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Sessions X ThinkThank SPOILER ALERT!

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Ten seconds into the newest ThinkThank edit is a SPOILER ALERT we couldn't be prouder of. ThinkThank has over the past decade+ produced some of the most creative and inventive snowboarding movies in recent past. Trends pivoted after their title Patchwork Patterns and careers we're made from others such as Right Brain, Left Brain and Ransack Rebellion. 
We understand the value of documenting snowboarding in print and online, but will never not invest into video even if it is 2015! With Sessions riders involved in the project (whom we'll announce later) and the winter shaping to be a zip zinger, we couldn't be more proud to partner in this years ThinkThank film. Bottoms up to the first of many edits hosted on Snowboarder Magazine!
For more info on the flick, video snippets and images, follow @thinkthank and @sessionsmfg on Instagram and Facebook. Thanks Brain. 

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