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Highway Men: Corduroy in California w/ Scotty Vine

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P: Scotty Vine

Between northern and southern California I've been chasing after adventures on and off the snow. Perfect Bear Mountain wall rides keep me vertical, while mountain views through my view finder keep me horizontal. But whether I am looking up, down, left or right, it is California's landscape from city lights to frosted peaks that keep me centered - but what keeps me grounded you ask? That's another story...

P: Jared Meyer

Bear Mountain and Snow Summit have been warm, and park staff is equally more than warmed up. With actual snow, plus man made, those resorts have been cranking out progressive features and snow sculptures; but, at this time of year what really get's me grounded is corduroy. I've been detuning my edges for over a decade at Bear filming for Sunday in the Parks, making it that much more special to leave them razor sharp to tear, rip and unzip that fresh groomed corduroy. 

P: Nick Visconti

Video parts are progressing, hang time is getting more inhuman, but there is something about snowboarding that should always stay just snowboarding. Being a snowboarder is always going to be about snowboarding and that keeps me connected to everyone else on the mountain with a board under their feet. If you're ever in SoCal or in Tahoe, because I bounce back and forth often, hit me up at @scottyvine on Instagram and let's go session the features before the features: corduroy. - SV

P: Jared Meyer

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