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Live And Die To Ride Rocker Banked Slalom - April 10th, 2016

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Where lunatics reign and insanity prevails, the Rally For Rocker Banked Slalom: This Sunday, April 10th is the 3rd annual Rally for Rocker Banked Slalom on Donner Summit outside of Truckee, CA. If you know, you'll know this rugged stretch of granite has claimed many of thousands of lives from the railroad days, and this event is slating to do the same of young snowboarders. Joking? Kind of - not really. Check out the event video below from 2015 of a one of a kind serpentine snowboard race down the face of Lake Tahoe.

Dig it? Join Us Sunday! Presented by Sessions MFG, Jones Snowboards and other local brands + businesses, the event is going to be gnarly and a nice way to end the season. If you live and die to snowboard, live and die on your snowboard! Benefitting the Rocker Memorial fund for Truckee's skatepark expansion and celebrating the lush winter the Rally For Rocker is not to be missed! 

Join us for beers and boarding at the top of Old HWY 40 (look for SUVs on the shoulder and BBQs in the foliage) at 10am! If you can't make it check coverage on our social channels (Facebook + Instagram) or Heckler Magazine!

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