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#TheLoonProject Standout - Jesse Paul Interview

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Photo: Brendan Hart courtesy SnowboarderMag

What is #theloonproject?

The Loon Project is a really cool event that Krush (the guy behind Downtown Throwdown and Howly Bowly) created in collaboration with Scott Stevens. It's part of a larger series called the projects that will feature different resorts every year, much like holy bowly. The reason no one has heard of it is because Krush wanted to keep it a secret until it happened, at which point he was hoping that the event would blow up on social media and get a buz going. I think he succeeded in that! It was so secret that most of the riders didn't know anything about it before they showed up.

Sounds DIY and underground, who showed up?

It was definitely underground and had some DIY aspects as well. The riders really drove the event. There was no announcer and no real schedule or plan. There was a start and an end, but the riders took it from there. I know I'm missing some people, but some of the riders were Scott Stevens, Griffin Seibert, Max and Gus Warbington, Cole Navin, Mike Ravelson, Sean Genovese, Ted Borland, Parker Szumowski, Ian Hart, Jed Sky, Phil Jacques, Brian Skorupski, Marcus Rand, Max Lyons, Jesse Gouveia, and Brendon Rego.

You are on all the Snow tabloids these days, but who rode that impressed you?

Scott Stevens was turning heads as always. Griffin Seibert ripped the tranny ten times better than anyone else there. It was awesome to see Cole Navin experiment with his board trying things that no one else thinks of. Mike Rav seemed to land everything he tried and somehow turn every run into a line. Everyone slayed, but those guys stood out to me.

OK, enough deflecting: You showed up on every whos-who s’ social feeds and the newsfeed of Snowboarder Magazine, what did you do out there?

Haha I was just being me out there. I thrive whenever I'm in front of a creative setup with cameras pointed. Especially when I'm around a bunch of rippers. It's easy to get hyped up. I was just trying to do stuff that was original and difficult. That kind of stuff is fun for me. 

Photo: @commonapparel

Any new tricks? Do tell…

I did do a few new tricks. There was one in particular that everyone seemed really impressed with. It's a nosepress front 3 swivel to nosepress.

How did this event and the other pros/ams there aid to your progression?

Like I said before, I think just being surrounded by all these amazing riders on an awesome setup with cameras pointed is my perfect combination for progression. Being around a lot of good riders on a good setup when filming for an edit makes me think out of the box because most of the riders can do most tricks. It makes me think... OK so what can I do on this setup that no one else will think of or try... Usually that isn't a basic trick so I'm forced to think out of the box.

Ok, I think you’re 360 nosepress swivel broke necks peoples heads we’re turning so hard - how did that happen? Break it down for us?

Well, I've always loved doing nosepress front 3's out. That's the backbone of this trick. I have also recently started doing 50 front 3 swivel 50's a lot this year. The nosepress swivel is just a combination of these. Get on the rail with the pressure of a nosepress front 3 and just release it early into a swivel! I suppose it also helps that I learned a front 3 nosepress years back because that's the final motion of this trick. So learn nosepress front 3's, then 50 front3 swivel 50, and then front 3 nosepress. Combine those three and magic happens!

What’s next for the rest of the season? And how can you’re followers and fans follow your antics for this spring and summer?

The rest of my season is still being figured out haha. I'm not sure where I'll be next week. However, I will most likely be at Howly Bowly and Superpark, which I beleive will both be at Mammoth in April. Other than that, I am working on getting to Canada for a final street trip. In the summer I will be spending time on Mt. Hood shredding High Cascade! People can just follow me on my instagram @jedipauls. I would like to start a blog soon, but for now it's just insta!

The Loon Project from Jon Stark on Vimeo.



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