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Why The Hell Did We Hire Nick Visconti?

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Why the hell did we hire Nick Visconti? Answer by Nick Visconti...

Tahoe has always harbored the eclectic, the electric and the out-of-control, it's probably why we at Sessions have always found ourselves home here. But just because it looks like we live fast and die young doesn't mean that we are not law abiding, tax paying citizens that contribute something to society! Since the brand relaunched in November 2015 we routinely sum up Sessions' past and future as a brand committed to skateboarding, snowboarding, and rock & roll. Tahoe is this, Sessions MFG is this, and so am I - Always Have, Always Will

After years of riding pro for Sessions I am privileged now to lead the brand alongside founder and friend Joel Gomez. Although work can sometimes be work, I just wanted to write a lil sumtin' sumtin' to you, our followers and fellow snowboarders, about why I do this and how proud I am to do this for us and you. Thanks for the opportunity you all give me, I look forward to hitting the slopes with you all in  new 16/17 Sessions snowboard outerwear, and until then I promise to be living proof of what it mean to #SessionLife lest I fire myself. 

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