Where in the world is Carmen San Diego? I mean Jesse Paul?

The past few months have been insane! I've been chasing the snow with the crew filming for "Reckless Abandon", a movie featuring Bode Merrill, Ozzy Henning, Erik Leon, Hans Mindnich and myself. With such a mixed bag of riders things rarely fail to be interesting. Everyone likes to hit different spots and everyone has their own unique style, which I think will ultimately result in an enjoyable, well-rounded flick. 

P: Jesse Paul
Although filming with those guys is beyond amazing, I have been going out with some other crews as well. Things really stay exciting when you're switching up crews from time to time! I went out with the Videograss dudes one day, another day I met up with Think Thank, from time to time I've been going out with some local MN filmers named Dan and Derek, and the past few days I've been hanging with Halldor Helgason, Sage Kotsenburg and Joe Carlino!!
P:  Alessandro Giampaolo
I also had a chance to snowboard in Vegas this year, which was unreal. Shipping crates were plopped right in the middle of Fremont street in Downtown. Spectators of all types drunkenly stumbled by and hollered as we hucked our meat on features that were sketchier than any street spot I've hit this year. Not to mention the inch of crushed ice on top of concrete to land on. Either way, it was an experience and I was glad to be a part of it! The afterparty was badass as well :).
P: Cody B.
In the past months I've hit Utah, Tahoe, Vegas, Baltimore, and my home, Minnesota. However, it won't be my home for long. My girlfriend, Ashley-Dawn and I have been slowly moving out of our apartment and getting ready for a move to Utah where I will spend the remainder of winter... Or at least some of the remainder of winter... I have a trip planned to Germany for a contest as soon as I get out to Utah, then I will likely be on another rail trip. I've taken my season day by day, never knowing when I'll be hoping on a plane again. I love it. This season has been a dream some true and I couldn't be more grateful.
Best- Jesse Paul