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TWSnow Brand Highlight: Sessions Outerwear

February 08, 2017

Sessions has bled snowboarding, skateboarding and rock and roll for over thirty years. For 2017/2018 they’ve partnered with Metallica on a jacket and brought better phone/media storage and usage to their line of jackets. “Always Have Always Will” is the brand’s mantra when it comes to dedication to snowboarding. According to them the saying is, “This is the heartbeat of the Sessions Mfg. We have 30+ years of heritage, and are dedicated to 30+ more of snowboarding, skateboarding, music, counterculture lifestyle, innovative technologies, performance products, timeless style and core business. This isn’t just our campaign, it’s our commitment.”- Ben Gavelda, Transworld Snowboarding Full 2017/2018 Sessions Outerwear preview... For more on sessionsmfg or to browse the current catalog click HERE.

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Scotty Vine and Ryland West in Arbor's Cosa Nostra Teaser

February 03, 2017

Arbor Snowboards is one of the few snowboard brands you can trace the entire supply chain. From bamboo to board everyone involved with Arbor is family, including Sessions Outerwear's Scotty Vine and Ryland West. Cosa Nostra – Our Family in spanish – is the first full team video from Arbor and from the looks of the video below has got heart, soul and shred. An assault of do or die clips, Scotty opens it up with 50/50 FS 3 that is bullet proof... Arbor Snowboards :: Cosa Nostra Teaser from Arbor Collective on Vimeo.

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