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Return To The Microwave Planet: Think Thank at Mt. Hood

August 11, 2016

Return to the Microwave Planet from Think Thank on Vimeo. Year-after-year sun and snow settle their score on the southern slope of infamous Mt. Hood, Oregon. Winter enthusiast flock, paparazzi litter, and the whole of summer snowboarding celebrates in what has become a right of passage for winter's strong willed. We have seen crews come and go, Windells and High Cascade stand the test of time, but what remains ahead of it's time, always, is the progression of snowboarding. In this edit, "Return to the Microwave Planet" from partner Think Thank, Sessions MFG and Mervin MFG's joint riders annihilate. Cement and snow, nothing stops Jamie Lynn, Phil Hansen and Ryan Paul from nuking in August. Hell yeah boys...

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We're No Longer Coming Back, We Came Back!

August 04, 2016

    Yes! Stoked for this news - Having lay dormant for the past couple of years, the rock & roller of the snowboarding industry has returned! Sessions MFG are proud to be back with a new outerwear line for 2016/17 and the same ethics that they had when they opened the first snowboard shop in the US back in 1983.  Sessions pioneered its way through decades of snowboarding culture and couture. Being the first brand to incorporate Recco and Gore-Tex into their outerwear as well as collaborations with Metallica and Pearl Jam. Just a short list of the team since '84 will tell you how influential they were with Terry Kidwell, Steve Caballero, Sean Palmer, Jamie Lynn and John Cardiel all part of...

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