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Double Tap That - Eight Must Follow Sessions Instagram Accounts

December 06, 2016

Content is king, which makes the Sessions outerwear team royalty.  From the coveted screens of Snowboarder Magazine to podium positions world wide, our team is resetting the bar of pro snowboarding. For them and yourself it all started with strapping in a first time and a smile the size of your favorite down rail. When you wake up at 4a.m. for your next day trip or are staying in a VRBO the real excitement comes from the stoke of your friends. Follow these eight Instagram account and make the guys your friends because it's just snowboarding, and all of us love it!  Jesse Paul - @jedipaulsJesse's account is chalk full of progressive videos and first day fun. This account is...

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7 Ways To Get Ride-Ready This Season

November 30, 2016

7 Ways to get Ride-Ready This Season Cycling, running, fitness classes, aerobics dance workouts, and anything else under the sun that raises your heart’s BPM simply doesn’t cut it. There are few things, if any, that can really get you in shape to ride this winter. While most tips to get ready to rip focus on only one aspect of the snowboarding experience, I’ve found that teasing the mind, body and spirit are all MUSTS to the preseason excitement. After twenty years of snowboarding, a professional career and an obsession with all things health, I have found there is just nothing that fully entices the first day of riding except… riding! All that to say, here are seven ways to...

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