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Sessions: Always Have Always Will – Nick Geisen & Ryland West Full Part

January 22, 2017

Two coasts, two boarders, one passion. Sessions Outerwear's Nick Geisen and Ryland West, now of Tahoe, CA, are the golden state's snowboard dream team. But before ruthless POV lines and one footed antics, there was just two wide smiles with deep ambition. Fostered and polished at Boreal/Woodward Tahoe, these two cause riots every time they strap in. Snowboarding is what they do, who they are - Always Have Always Will. Sessions: Always Have Always Will – Nick Geisen & Ryland West from Sessions on Vimeo.   Nick rocks the Sessions Tahve Jacket and Sessions Shiner Pant. Ryland stays outfitted in Sessions Monte Pant and Sessions Monroe Softshell. Check out Sessions Outerwear's full catalog HERE.

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Sessions Outerwear Featured in SNOW Video Game

January 18, 2017

What's the next best thing to actually snowboarding? Snowboarding, online. Sessions is proud to announce our involvement with SNOW, a next generation riding experience available for free play online and PS4. Customize your style in Sessions Outerwear, master the mountain, compete to be the best, then take your confidence to your local mountain and rip for real!  We played SNOW and grabbed some screen shots... but don't just take our Fs Boardslide as the final word, check it out yourself.  The Sessions Pants and Jackets available in SNOW are all available for purchase. Check our full Catalog on sessionsmfg.com, then venture to the Dealer Locator tab to find a retailer near you.

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